About Panah Merah Safe Room

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Panah Merah Safe Room was formed to provide an opportunity for all Company stakeholders to be able to monitor and submit reports or complaints regarding suspected violations of the Company's values (especially violations related to integrity, transparency and safely). Such that reports can be made based on evidence that can accounted for and to ensure that the reports are submitted in good faith for the benefit of the Company to be able to create a work environment that is clean from actions that will harm the company.

With the Panah Merah Safe Room, it is hoped that the stakeholders will implement an effective resolution mechanism within a sufficient timeframe.

  1. The availability of channels for reporting violations also works as a channel for the submission of complaints, important and critical information for the Company
  2. The availability of an early warning system as a means of preventing violations
  3. Minimize the level of fraud risk
  4. Increase the level of internal & external company participation in reporting violations
  5. Build infrastructure to protect whistleblowers from the possibility of reprisals from internal and external parties who are affected by the reports that have been submitted