What is whistleblowing?
Whistleblowing is a system that manages the reporting/disclosure of unlawful behaviour, unethical/improper actions in a confidential, anonymous, and independent manner which is used to optimize the participation of Company personnel and partners in exposing violations that occur within the company.
Why should I report violations that occur?
Because a violation is an act that goes against the laws and values that apply in the company, so it must be reported to maintain company integrity.
Who can use the whistleblowing system?
All parties who have an interest in the Company, either directly or indirectly, namely Staff, Employees, Suppliers, Customers, Vendors, Third Parties and Business Partners and other interested parties can use the whistleblowing system.
Do you have to register an account in reporting/complaint?
The reporter is given the option to create an account or to not create an account. The difference with creating an account, is that the reporter can monitor each reported report when they make an account.
If I report with the option 'Anonymous', is my confidentiality safe and secure?
Yes, of course. Confidentiality rules are enforced strictly and in collaboration with a third party (Integrity-Indonesia) in managing the whistleblowing system. The third-party will not notify PT. East-West Seed Indonesia, except with the permission of the reporter.:
Who receives the whistleblower report?
The third-party (Integrity-Indonesia) will review the report and submit the violation to the Committee & Management of the Whistleblowing System.
How long does it take for the reporter to receive a response to the complaint submitted?
Answers/responses to complaints submitted must be given within no later than 20 (twenty) days from the time the report was received.
If you have already sent a report but in the future, you want to change/add data related to the report, what should you do? Do you have to make a new report?
The reporter does not need to create a new report, when the reporter chooses to create an account, the reporter can also add additional information when available. Whistleblowers can also communicate with the Committee & Management of the Whistleblowing System through this online form or other channels.
Does the company protect the whistleblower?
The company is committed to and guarantees the protection of whistleblowers from all forms of threats, intimidation, or unpleasant actions from any party. The company does not provide sanctions for whistleblowers who do not comply with the aims and objectives of this policy; for example, slander, false reporting, or other reporting. All reporters of violations are guaranteed confidentiality and security by the company. This is especially so for reporters from internal company parties, the company guarantees the protection of their work in the company.
Is there a reward for the reporter when the report is proven?
No prizes for reporting are given.