Panah Merah

PT. East-West Seed Indonesia realizes that the implementation of Good Corporate Governance will improve the Company's competitiveness, especially in managing human resources and corporate values, which will in-turn increase the value of the Company.

One of the main methods to realizing this commitment is the consistent application of the principles of Good Corporate Governance policies as well as work culture policies. The company interprets GCP as basic principles that could encourages the development of the Company's business management by implementing a system that reflects the principles of information disclosure, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness. Therefore, as one of the Company's media to support and uphold Good Corporate Governance principles, the company provides and implements a system in the form of a Useful Reporting System or SAFE ROOM, to create a clean and responsible work situation.

This system aims to facilitate the submission of reports/complaints/disclosure of allegations that have occurred in the Company. Moreover, this system is designed to be able to keep the identity of the reporter confidential to provide a sense of security for the reporter.

When you see or experience violations in any form, such as:

  • Violation of company regulations and policies
  • Abuse of authority
  • Threatening Safety
  • Extortion
  • Fraudulent Deeds
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Theft
  • Gratuities
  • Offenses against morality, ethics, social standards and racial relations

Do not hesitate to contribute to create a better work environment for PT. East-West Seed Indonesia that has high integrity.